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Embed Google Map - Free Google Map Generator

Currently, Google Maps is the most popular online service that offers interactive maps with location details, satellite views, zoom, pan, and 3D view. It has an easy-to-use and well-optimized interface that is constantly updated. Google Maps owes its popularity to the fact that the service is completely free and we can easily embed it on our website. You can easily show everyone where your company is located.

Why our Google Map Generator?

First, our generator is completely free. There are no intrusive ads on our site and we don't require an account. By using our website, you can embed a map on your website in a few minutes without any programming skills. Our service is for everyone because it is very easy to use. Take advantage of it now and enjoy the effects.

Why should you have a Google map on your website?

1) Google Maps helps customers find out about their business location. By adding a map to the website, the customer immediately obtains information about your company's location and does not have to search for it manually.

2) Makes it easier to obtain basic information about the company such as contact details, address, opening hours, telephone number. This helps our clients to contact our company a lot. They can find all the information they need in seconds.

3) Google Maps has a lot of information about a given location. You can find there e.g. locations of parking lots, shops, and other important points.

4) You can attach a photo showing the building in which your company is located. It will make it much easier to find your seat. Google allows you to view almost all streets in the world in 3D.

5) Maps keep customers on your site because they don't have to leave your site to find information about your business that interests them. Everything you need is included in the maps provided by Google.

As you can see, there are many benefits to embedding the map on your website. It only takes a few minutes and is completely free. Just enter the address or company name, copy the generated code, and place it on our website in the place where we want.

How to embed a Google Map in WordPress?

Many plugins allow you to easily embed a map into a WordPress website, but it is also possible to manually embed the map into HTML. It can be done in minutes without any programming or coding knowledge. So how to do it?

Follow all the steps to get everything working:

  • First, choose the address you are interested in. Set the size of the map and generate the code on our website
  • If you generated a map, now you need to download the code from the window that appeared
  • Having the code, you can log in to your website
  • Choose the place where you want to place the Google map
  • Turn on the post/page editor mode and select the "Text" tab in the top right corner
  • Paste the previously generated code with the map into the text field.

Your map has just been placed on your site. If you have problems, you can use ready-made plugins. To find such a plug-in, go to the "Plugins" tab in the WordPress panel on your website and enter "Google Map Embed".

Frequently Asked Questions

Is embedding Google Maps free?

The answer is YES. Using our website and embedding a Google map is completely free. Just choose the area you are interested in and paste the code on your website.

Can an embedded Google map be responsive?

To make the map on our website responsive, just add the following values ​​in the code - width: 100%; height: 100%.

Can I put my business on google maps?

Yes, to put the location of your company on the maps, just enter its name in the search engine on the left. Then choose what size we are interested in and generate the code for the map.


As you can see, placing a Google map on your website has many advantages. Currently, most websites have maps because it is a great convenience and time-saving for our clients. All functions on our website are completely free, so don't wait any longer and generate the code with your localization. It is very easy to use and everyone should handle it. The site map is the basis nowadays. © 2020 - The Service of is Free To Use